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La Vaca - Gourmet Grill. 20 years specializing in Roasts!

We opened on June 11, 2001, at 3572 26 de marzo Avenue, located in Pocitos Nuevo, the most booming neighborhood in Montevideo

La Vaca is a Gourmet Grill that blends two styles: Uruguayan and Argentinean. We offer an extensive menu of grilled and kitchen dishes, including a selection of desserts that pair perfectly with our plates, such as our most demanded dessert, Tiramisú. The wine list comprises Uruguayan and some imported wines, all of excellent quality. Nothing is pre-prepared on the grill; instead, we cook or prepare items according to the customer's requests.

Since March 2020, due to the pandemic, we have temporarily suspended the Salad Bar. We will reintroduce it when epidemiological conditions allow.

Our venue consists of a comfortable main hall with tables arranged to provide privacy for business meetings, a second hall with two booths for 6 people each and individual tables, both air-conditioned and well-lit. Upstairs, there is a private room ideal for business meetings, presentations, or more intimate celebrations. It is equipped with a television, and the table configuration can vary according to needs. A lovely and colorful garden completes our spaces, providing a pleasant outdoor setting for lunch or dinner, a place to relax while enjoying your meal.

we have a team!

team waiters
Hello, good morning, how are you, I'll be right with you, did you enjoy the food... These words are never missing at La Vaca, and this is the team responsible for making our customers feel the warmth that our restaurant aims to convey. Always there, tireless, to listen to you and give their very best!
team grillers
“You bring it to me juicy,” “I prefer it medium-rare,” “You can grill it a little longer,” “Ummm, exquisite”... Yes, today it's grill time, and it's these guys who aren't afraid of the heat and make sure La Vaca's meat retains its flavor and juiciness. Prime meat has to be handled by a top-notch team.
team cook
Organized, focused, cheerful, meticulous with the product... this is what you might observe if you peek into the kitchens of La Vaca. This team ensures that your dishes, sides, and salads are the perfect complement to your meals. The difference is in the details, and they know it.


free wifi
Don't miss any important notifications while you dine
smoking area
Pleasant outdoor smoking area
Relaxing music, to enhance the enjoyment of the moment
At no cost in the WTC, 2 hours at lunchtime from Monday to Friday
air conditioning
Air-conditioned rooms, perfect atmosphere.
You can book your appointment up to 3 months in advance.
You can pay with VISA, MASTERCARD, and all cards from Uruguay
Through the PedidosYa app
To enjoy the outdoors with your partner or family


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